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What To Know About Your Trailer RV Before Taking It Out On The Road For The First Time?

You may be nervous about your trip if it is your first time hitting the road with a trailer RV. But being well prepared can make it easier for you to operate pull behind RV for the first time. Remember that trailer RVs don’t move like cars. They brake and accelerate slower, and the blindspots are much larger. But practice and time will make you much better behind the wheel with an RV attached to your vehicle. No matter which RV dealers in MNyou buy or rent your RV from, it is important that you know the vital information about the trailer. These details will make it easy for you to take it on the road with more confidence.


Most RVs’ specs can be found online, but you should double-check. Especially if you have added any accessories to your RV, measuring the height yourself becomes even more important. This can be done in the driveway of your house. Most tunnels, low bridges, and some roadways have height restrictions posted. The RV dealers in MN will suggest you to use a GPS-friendly vehicle so that you can find routes based on the RV trailer height and propane restrictions.


Knowing the width of your RV when parking and driving is very helpful. Find out if your state restricts trailers of a certain size on certain roads, or you will end up with a ticket. Also, you do not want to be on roads that cannot accommodate your trailer RV comfortably.


Your RV’s length information can come in handy for parking situations. You should also know the length each time you book a campsite.

Weight Distribution

You should ensure evenly distributing the items on either side of your trailer RV. Also, secure the heavy items so they do not get loose if the vehicle hits a bump on the road.

Typical Mileage

Gas stations can be few and far on a road trip. So make sure you know the typical mileage of the towing vehicle so you do not run out of gas. When towing a travel trailer, you should know your vehicle’s range when towing, whether on the highway or in traffic.

Blindspots And Mirrors

Adjust your mirrors properly so that you can see the maximum amount of space on either side of your towing vehicle as well as the trailer. The flat mirror will let you see alongside and behind, while the convex mirror will let you know the side of the vehicle all the way to the back. However, there will always be a blind spot. Hence, you should have a wireless observation camera. Remember that the blindspots when towing an RV trailer are much larger than when driving a car. So make sure you regularly check your mirror and camera screen so no one is in your blindspot when changing lanes.

To Conclude

Last but not least, getting comfortable in the driver’s chair when towing your RV is an important part of your routine. Adjust the vehicle seat accordingly and make sure you can access all buttons and knobs. So take your time to find the perfect position that puts everything in the perfect place.

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