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The Features and Benefits of an All-Season Camper 

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While standard RVs and campers are more than sufficient for summertime camping trips by the lake, brutally low winter temperatures mean they’re less-than-ideal for ice fishing and cold-weather camping. By adding a year-round camper or icehouse RV to their camping toolbox, outdoor enthusiasts can enjoy the outdoors year-round without having to worry about freezing temperatures, heat waves, or heavy snowfall.  

The Benefits of an All-Season Camper 

In addition to the comfort enthusiasts expect from a standard RV or fish house, year-round campers and icehouse RVs are highly customizable, making them the simpler and more cost-effective option for all-season camping. 


Year-round campers allow outdoor enthusiasts to maintain a comfortable interior temperature regardless of when and where they park their RV. This temperature flexibility allows campers to visit mountains, beaches, and even deserts without worrying about freezing or overheating.  


All-season RVs and fish houses simplify camping during seasons where the days are hot and nights are cool, like early fall or late spring. With an effective heating/cooling system installed, outdoor enthusiasts can simply set their ideal temperature, and the RV will do the rest.  


Since year-round campers come equipped to handle both summer and winter conditions, owners don’t need to purchase additional add-ons for every season and temperature. Due to their small size, RVs and all-season fish houses can be easily modified to boost energy efficiency in both extreme heat and bitter cold.  

How to Choose the Best All-Season Camper 

Year-round campers and fish houses provide outdoors enthusiasts with all the comforts of an RV while protecting against ice, snow, and extreme temperatures. While most all-season campers share the same basic features, they vary in efficiency and affordability. When shopping for a year-round camper, consider factors like insulation, energy-efficiency, and installed heating and cooling systems.    

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Insulation and Walls 

All-season campers and icehouse RVs should use an insulation that is lightweight and efficient in various weather conditions. Look for a high-density foam laminated with a non-organic material that won’t break down if exposed to temperature fluctuations and damp conditions. 


Campers looking to stay warm in frigid temperatures or cool in sweltering heat should ensure the model they choose has double-paned windows to maximize energy efficiency.  


Good ventilation is essential to any camper or icehouse RV, even more so for year-round campers. Ventilation systems keep heated or cooled air moving throughout the RV or fish house to maintain a consistent temperature and keep the airflow from getting stale. If you plan on taking your camper out in extreme weather, consider purchasing a model that features screened windows and a fan to keep air circulating.  

Liquid Storage Tanks 

Some year-round campers come equipped with different tanks to help maintain self-sufficiency, including water tanks, and waste storage tanks.  

High-Quality Tubing 

Year-round campers and icehouse RVs use a network of flexible tubes to distribute water throughout the RV or fish house. Because year-round campers can be used in both frigid temperatures and blistering heat, outdoor enthusiasts should ensure their RV uses heat-resistant polyethylene tubing that isn’t likely to freeze or melt.  

Find the Perfect All-Season Camper at Nordic Lodge  

At Nordic Lodge, we offer a wide variety of campers and icehouse RVs to fit your lifestyle needs. Our campers are highly customizable and come equipped with everything you need to camp in total comfort, including spacious closets, LED lighting, USB plugs, power outlets, and more. We also offer larger campers that include a bathroom, shower, toilet, and ample kitchen space to elevate your travel experience.  

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